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Packing and Shipping

Packing and Delivery

Packing of welding electrodes produced by Vatra Ltd. is the pride of the company. Our electrodes are protected from moisture and dust, they do not need to be calcined before use, which is the most important advantage over competitors.

Types of packing of electrodes

Different types of packaging will satisfy both the end-users at the point of sale, so large production companies.
1. We offer the following types of packaging for customers:
2. Fine packing: electrodes in PVC packing (blister) for 3-10 pieces.
3. Medium packing: electrodes in cardboard packages of 1 or 2.5 kg.
4. Large packing: electrodes in cardboard packages of 5 kg.
For large purchases, we offer to buy electrodes in bulk packed in blocks with a convenient handle for transportation and storage of four to ten packs per block.
The weight of the package is always strictly controlled and corresponds to the declared. Under the order are ready to consider any packaging and corporate style, which is necessary for the customer.
All packs have on their bar code, a brief technical description, recommendations for the organization of the welding process. All packs are sealed with shrink film to preserve the electrodes in their original form at the storage location.

Delivery of electrodes

Delivery is carried out on the usual and euro pallets by the following transport:
1. By road.
2. By rail.
In Europe from 3 to 14 days. To buy electrodes in bulk you can through our site-leaving an application or by calling the numbers indicated in the contacts.